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Resource Description
Data Sheets New: MAX44205EVKIT
Evaluation Kit for the MAX44205
Data Sheets Revised: MAX6806, MAX6807, MAX6808
Voltage Detectors
Data Sheets Revised: MAX6826, MAX6827, MAX6828, MAX6829, MAX6830, MAX6831
Dual, Ultra-Low-Voltage SOT23 µP Supervisors with Manual Reset and Watchdog Timer
Data Sheets Revised: MAX6821, MAX6822, MAX6823, MAX6824, MAX6825
Low-Voltage SOT23 µP Supervisors with Manual Reset and Watchdog Timer
Data Sheets Revised: DS2502
1Kb Add-Only Memory
Data Sheets Revised: MAX6954
4-Wire Interfaced, 2.7V to 5.5V LED Display Driver with I/O Expander and Key Scan
Data Sheets Revised: MAX6814
5-Pin Watchdog Timer Circuit
Data Sheets Revised: MAX6920
12-Output, 76V, Serial-Interfaced VFD Tube Driver
Data Sheets Revised: MAX9546, MAX9547
Differential Video Interface Chipset
Data Sheets Revised: MAX8640Y, MAX8640Z
Tiny 500mA, 4MHz/2MHz Synchronous Step-Down DC-DC Converters
Data Sheets Revised: MAX7058
315MHz/390MHz Dual-Frequency ASK Transmitter
Data Sheets Revised: MAX9541, MAX9542
Quadruple, 2:1, Mux Amplifiers for Standard Definition and VGA Signals
Data Sheets Revised: MAX16903
2.1MHz, High-Voltage, 1A Mini-Buck Converter
Data Sheets Revised: 78M6610+LMU
Energy Measurement Processor for Load Monitoring Units
Data Sheets Revised: 78M6610+PSU
Energy Measurement Processor for Single-Phase Power-Supply Units
Data Sheets Revised: MAX31911
Industrial, Octal, Digital Input Translator/Serializer
Data Sheets Revised: MAX31910
Industrial, Octal, Digital Input Translator/Serializer
Data Sheets Revised: MAX78630+PPM
Energy Measurement Processor for Polyphase Monitoring Systems
Data Sheets Revised: MAX31913
Industrial, Octal, Digital Input Translator/Serializer
Data Sheets Revised: MAX31912
Industrial, Octal, Digital Input Translator/Serializer
Data Sheets Revised: MAX3956
11.3Gbps Transceiver with Digital Monitors and DC-Coupled Laser Driver
Data Sheets Revised: MAX120, MAX122
500ksps, Sampling, 12-Bit ADC with Track/Hold and Reference
Data Sheets Revised: MAX6922, MAX6932, MAX6933, MAX6934
27-, 28-, and 32-Output, 76V, Serial-Interfaced VFD Tube Drivers
Data Sheets New: MAX11270
24-Bit, 10mW, 130dB SNR, 64ksps Delta-Sigma ADC with Integrated PGA
Data Sheets New: MAX32600
Wellness Measurement Microcontroller
App Notes MAX15303 PMBus Command Set User’s Guide
Data Sheets Revised: MAX6173, MAX6174, MAX6175, MAX6176, MAX6177
High-Precision Voltage References with Temperature Sensor
Data Sheets Revised: DS3923
High-Speed Current Mirror with Sample/Hold Output
Data Sheets New: MAX11262
14-Bit, 500ksps, +5V Unipolar Input, SAR ADC, in Tiny 10-Pin µMAX
Data Sheets New: VT1697SB
Smart Slave IC with Integrated Current and Temperature Sensors
Data Sheets Revised: MAX7321
I2C Port Expander with 8 Open-Drain I/Os
Data Sheets New: MAX15303
6A Digital PoL DC-DC Converter with InTune Automatic Compensation
Data Sheets Revised: MAX3955
11.32Gbps Transceiver with Dual CDRs, Digital Monitors, and DC-Coupled Laser Driver
Data Sheets New: MAX20751
Multiphase Master with PMBus Interface and Internal Buck Converter
Data Sheets New: MAX2871
23.5MHz to 6000MHz Fractional/Integer-N Synthesizer/VCO
Data Sheets Revised: DS3231M
±5ppm, I2C Real-Time Clock
Data Sheets Revised: MAX98357A, MAX98357B
PCM Input Class D Audio Power Amplifiers
Data Sheets Revised: MAX98358
PDM Input Class D Audio Power Amplifier
Data Sheets Revised: MAX14691, MAX14692, MAX14693
High-Accuracy, Adjustable Power Limiter
Data Sheets New: MAXREFDES61
MAXREFDES61#: 16-Bit Four Analog Input Micro PLC Card
Data Sheets Revised: MAX15006, MAX15007
40V, Ultra-Low Quiescent-Current Linear Regulators in 6-Pin TDFN/8-Pin SO
Data Sheets Revised: MAX16955
36V, 1MHz Step-Down Controller with Low Operating Current
App Notes Guidelines for the MAX5977’s Critical Component Placement and Routing
Data Sheets Revised: DS1308
Low-Current I²C RTC with 56-Byte NV RAM
Data Sheets Revised: MAX2612, MAX2613, MAX2614, MAX2615, MAX2616
40MHz to 4GHz Linear Broadband Amplifiers
App Notes Overcoming Disorientation: Practical Ways to Assemble MEMS Inertial Sensors
Data Sheets Revised: MAX153
1Msps, µP Compatible, 8-Bit ADC with 1µA Power Down
Data Sheets Revised: MX7672
High-Speed 12-Bit ADC with External Reference Input
Data Sheets Revised: MAX9611, MAX9612
High-Side, Current-Sense Amplifiers with 12-Bit ADC and Op Amp/Comparator
Data Sheets Revised: MAX2852
5GHz Receiver
Data Sheets Revised: MAX44244, MAX44245, MAX44248
36V, Precision, Low-Power, 90µA, Single/Quad/Dual Op Amps
App Notes Selecting the Best Data Converter for a Given Noise Budget: Part 3
App Notes Managing Noise in the Signal Chain, Part 2: Noise and Distortion in Data Converters
App Notes Managing Noise in the Signal Chain, Part 1: Annoying Semiconductor Noise, Preventable or Inescapable?
Data Sheets Revised: MAX9723
Stereo DirectDrive® Headphone Amplifier with BassMax, Volume Control, and I²C
Data Sheets New: MAX44284EVKIT
Evaluation Kit for the MAX44284
Data Sheets New: MAX44285EVKIT
Evaluation Kit for the MAX44285
Data Sheets Revised: MAX31855
Cold-Junction Compensated Thermocouple-to-Digital Converter
Data Sheets New: MAX15096AEVKIT, MAX15096DEVKIT, MAX15096EVKIT
Evaluation Kits for the MAX15096, MAX15096A, and MAX15096D
Data Sheets New: MAX17552AUBEVKIT
Evaluation Kit for the MAX17552 (µMAX) in 5V Output-Voltage Application
Data Sheets New: MAX17552ATBEVKIT
Evaluation Kit for the MAX17552 (TDFN) in 5V Output Voltage Applications
Data Sheets Revised: MAX155, MAX156
High-Speed, 8-Channel, 8-Bit ADC with Simultaneous Track/Holds and Reference
Data Sheets Revised: MAX696, MAX697
Microprocessor Supervisory Circuits
Data Sheets Revised: MAX700, MAX701, MAX702
Power-Supply Monitor with Reset
Data Sheets Revised: MAX4130, MAX4131, MAX4132, MAX4133, MAX4134
Single/Dual/Quad, Wide-Bandwidth, Low-Power, Single-Supply Rail-to-Rail I/O Op Amps
Data Sheets Revised: MAX6701, MAX6701A, MAX6702, MAX6702A, MAX6703, MAX6703A, MAX6704, MAX6705, MAX6705A, MAX6706, MAX6706A, MAX6707, MAX6707A, MAX6708
Low-Voltage, SOT23, µP Supervisors with Power-Fail In/Out, Manual Reset, and Watchdog Timer
Data Sheets Revised: MAX9248, MAX9250
27-Bit, 2.5MHz to 42MHz DC-Balanced LVDS Deserializers
Data Sheets Revised: MAX6746, MAX6747, MAX6748, MAX6749, MAX6750, MAX6751, MAX6752, MAX6753
µP Reset Circuits with Capacitor-Adjustable Reset/Watchdog Timeout Delay
Data Sheets Revised: MAX6467, MAX6468
Microprocessor Supervisory Reset Circuits with Edge-Triggered, One-Shot Manual Reset
Data Sheets Revised: MAX5051
Parallelable, Clamped Two-Switch Power-Supply Controller IC
Data Sheets Revised: MAX8739
TFT, LCD, DC-DC Converter with Operational Amplifiers
Data Sheets Revised: MAX8751
Fixed-Frequency, Full-Bridge CCFL Inverter Controller
Data Sheets Revised: MAX8614, MAX8614A, MAX8614B
Dual-Output (+ and -) DC-DC Converters for CCD
Data Sheets Revised: MAX5096, MAX5097
40V, 600mA Buck Converters with Low-Quiescent-Current Linear Regulator Mode
Data Sheets Revised: MAX8790
High-Efficiency, 6-String, White-LED (WLED) Driver with Active Current Balancing for LCD Panel Applications
Data Sheets Revised: MAX2769EVKIT
Evaluation Kit for the MAX2769
Data Sheets Revised: MAX16033, MAX16034, MAX16035, MAX16036, MAX16037, MAX16038, MAX16039, MAX16040
Low-Power Battery-Backup Circuits in Small µDFN Packages
Data Sheets Revised: MAX16815, MAX16828
High-Voltage, 100mA/200mA Adjustable Linear High-Brightness LED Drivers with PWM Dimming
Data Sheets Revised: MAX16056, MAX16057, MAX16058, MAX16059
125nA Supervisory Circuits with Capacitor-Adjustable Reset and Watchdog Timeouts
Data Sheets Revised: MAXQ622-KIT
Evaluation Kit for the MAXQ622
Data Sheets Revised: MAX44250, MAX44251, MAX44252
20V, Ultra-Precision, Low-Noise Op Amps
Data Sheets Revised: MAX16962
4A, 2.2MHz, Synchronous Step-Down DC-DC Converter
Data Sheets Revised: MAX16961
3A, 2.2MHz, Synchronous Step-Down DC-DC Converter
Data Sheets Revised: MAX16993
Step-Down Controller with Dual 2.1MHz Step-Down DC-DC Converters
Data Sheets New: SC1869
Adaptive RF Power Amplifier Linearizer
Data Sheets Revised: MAX4400, MAX4401, MAX4402, MAX4403
Single/Dual/Quad, Low-Cost, Single-Supply, Rail-to-Rail Op Amps with Shutdown
Data Sheets Revised: MAX121
308ksps ADC with DSP Interface and 78dB SINAD
Data Sheets New: SC1889
Adaptive RF Power Amplifier Linearizer with Dual RMS Power Measurement Unit
Data Sheets New: MAXCOAX2STP-HSD
Evaluation of Maxim Serializers/Deserializers with STP Cable
App Notes Recommended Initialization Sequence for the MAX3955 and MAX3956 Devices
Data Sheets Revised: MAXQ1741
DeepCover Secure Microcontroller for Magnetic Card Reading
Data Sheets Revised: MAX44284
36V, Input Common-Mode, High-Precision, Low-Power Current-Sense Amplifier
Data Sheets Revised: MAX4245, MAX4246, MAX4247
Ultra-Small, Rail-to-Rail I/O with Disable, Single/Dual-Supply, Low-Power Op Amps
Data Sheets Revised: MAX1658, MAX1659
350mA, 16.5V Input, Low-Dropout Linear Regulators
Data Sheets Revised: MAX6711, MAX6711L, MAX6711M, MAX6711R, MAX6711S, MAX6711T, MAX6711Z, MAX6712, MAX6712L, MAX6712M, MAX6712R, MAX6712S, MAX6712T, MAX6712Z, MAX6713, MAX6713L, MAX6713M, MAX6713R, MAX6713S, MAX6713T, MAX6713Z
4-Pin SC70 Microprocessor Reset Circuits with Manual Reset Input
Data Sheets Revised: MAX5023, MAX5024
65V, Low-Quiescent-Current, High-Voltage Linear Regulators with µP Reset and Watchdog Timer
Data Sheets New: SC-USB-SPI
USB-to-SPI Interface Adapter
App Notes Designing Active-Clamp Forward Converters Using Peak-Current-Mode Controllers
Data Sheets Revised: MAX306, MAX307
Precision, 16-Channel/Dual 8-Channel, High-Performance, CMOS Analog Multiplexers
Data Sheets Revised: MAX6351, MAX6352, MAX6353, MAX6354, MAX6355, MAX6356, MAX6357, MAX6358, MAX6359, MAX6360
Dual/Triple-Voltage µP Supervisory Circuits