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Resource Description
Data Sheets Revised: MAX15301EVKITHP
Evaluation Kit for the MAX15301AA02
Data Sheets New: MAX15301AA02
InTune Automatically Compensated Digital PoL Controller with Driver and PMBus Telemetry
App Notes Optimized Design for MEMS-Based Automotive Laser Pico Projectors
App Notes Setting Up UART Communication with the MAX78615+LMU and the MAXREFDES14# Isolated Energy Measurement Subsystem
Data Sheets Revised: MAX5023, MAX5024
65V, Low-Quiescent-Current, High-Voltage Linear Regulators with µP Reset and Watchdog Timer
Data Sheets New: DS28E80EVKIT
Evaluation System for DS28E80
App Notes Overview of USB Battery Charging Revision 1.2 and the Important Role of Charger Detectors
App Notes Fundamentals of Electronic Security: Security in Transit
App Notes Fundamentals of Electronic Security: Tampering with the Easy Targets
App Notes Fundamentals of Electronic Security: What Does Security Really Mean?
App Notes MAX11300 Product Family Featuring PIXI Technology FAQs
App Notes Innovative Chinese Electrical Metering Technology to Save Chinese Meter Manufacturers $25M Annually1
App Notes Turn Any Video Game Controller into a USB Mouse
App Notes Choosing the Optimal Clock Mode for MAX116xx, MAX123x, and MAX103x SAR ADCs
App Notes Battling Threats in the Smart Grid Supply Chain
App Notes Typically Testing “Typical” in a Typical Manner
Data Sheets Revised: DS1302
Trickle-Charge Timekeeping Chip
Data Sheets Revised: DS1307
64 x 8, Serial, I²C Real-Time Clock
Data Sheets Revised: MAX3107
SPI/I²C UART with 128-Word FIFOs
Data Sheets Revised: MAX3109
Dual Serial UART with 128-Word FIFOs
Data Sheets Revised: MAX3108A
Low Shutdown Current SPI/I²C UART with 128-Word FIFOs in WLP
Data Sheets Revised: DS1339
I²C Serial Real-Time Clock
Data Sheets Revised: MAX16065, MAX16066
12-Channel/8-Channel Flash-Configurable System Managers with Nonvolatile Fault Registers
Data Sheets Revised: MAX16904
2.1MHz, High-Voltage, 600mA Mini-Buck Converter
Data Sheets Revised: MAX2686L, MAX2693L
GPS/GNSS Low-Noise Amplifiers with Integrated LDO
Data Sheets Revised: MAX16974
High-Voltage, 2.2MHz, 2A Automotive Step-Down Converter with Low Operating Current
Data Sheets Revised: MAX31911
Industrial, Octal, Digital Input Translator/Serializer
Data Sheets Revised: MAX20751
Multiphase Master with PMBus Interface and Internal Buck Converter
App Notes Overview of USB Battery Charging Revision 1.2 and the Important Role of Adapter Emulators
App Notes Auto Infotainment - Driving the Course for Connectivity
Data Sheets Revised: MAX6369, MAX6370, MAX6371, MAX6372, MAX6373, MAX6374
Pin-Selectable Watchdog Timers
Data Sheets Revised: DS3231
Extremely Accurate I²C-Integrated RTC/TCXO/Crystal
Data Sheets Revised: DS3231M
±5ppm, I2C Real-Time Clock
App Notes “Come rain or come shine”1 - Automotive Heads-Up Displays Must Work Everyday
App Notes Simulation and Correlation of Flow-Rate Measurement in an Ultrasonic Time-of-Flight Heat Meter
App Notes CRC Programming for the MAX14900E Octal, High-Speed Industrial Switch
App Notes Quad Flat Package No Leads (QFN) Design, Fabrication & Assembly
App Notes Accelerometer and Gyroscopes Sensors: Operation, Sensing, and Applications
App Notes Insightful Electronic Switch Brings Intelligence and Security to Home Energy Monitoring
App Notes Lord Kelvin’s Sensing Method Lives On in the Measurement Accuracy of Ultra-Precision Current-Shunt Monitors/Current-Sense Amplifiers
App Notes Auto Radio Head Units: More Demands, Harsh Environment Drive Need for Sophisticated Power-Management ICs
Data Sheets Revised: MAX2640, MAX2641
300MHz to 2500MHz SiGe Ultra-Low-Noise Amplifiers
App Notes Hot-Swapping and ORing Ensure Uninterrupted Operation for a High-Availability and High-Reliability Telecom System
App Notes Multiplex Boosted Class-D without Additional External Circuitry
App Notes Package Thermal Analysis Calculator Tutorial
App Notes MAX20751 PMBus Implementation Guide
App Notes An Accurate, Low-Impedance, Low-Dropout, Sub-1V Bandgap Reference Is Compact and Prolongs Battery Life
Data Sheets Revised: MAX16936
36V, 220kHz to 2.2MHz Step-Down Converter with 28µA Quiescent Current
Data Sheets Revised: MAX21000EVBRD
Evaluation Board Adapter for the MAX21000
App Notes DC Error Characteristics of an Op Amp and the Effect on High-Precision Applications
App Notes Maximize the Performance of High-Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) Ultrasound Receivers with an Optimized System Design
App Notes Interface 1-Wire USB Adapter with Android
Data Sheets Revised: MAX15006, MAX15007
40V, Ultra-Low Quiescent-Current Linear Regulators in 6-Pin TDFN/8-Pin SO
Data Sheets Revised: MAX4999
USB 2.0 Hi-Speed Differential 8:1 Multiplexer
Data Sheets Revised: MAX15492
Single-Phase Synchronous MOSFET Driver with Ultra-Low-Power Standby
Data Sheets Revised: MAX16930, MAX16931
2MHz, 36V, Dual Buck with Preboost and 20µA Quiescent Current
Data Sheets Revised: MAX16970, MAX16971
3A Automotive Hi-Speed USB Protectors with Apple iPhone/iPad and USB 2.0 Charge Detection
App Notes The Benefits of the Coupled Inductor Technology
App Notes Low-Current Charger Provides Battery Backup from USB to 1-Cell Applications
App Notes MAX32600 User's Guide
App Notes MAX77387 Application Guidelines
App Notes A Method of Demonstrating Transmission-Line Behavior on a Dual-Channel Oscilloscope
App Notes Efficiency Improvement in Battery Mode - MAX1737, MAX1757, MAX1758
App Notes Challenge the Unconventional - Make Unipolar DACs Bipolar
App Notes Industry Turns to MEMS for Accurate Real-Time Clocks
Data Sheets Revised: MAX31722, MAX31723
Digital Thermometers and Thermostats with SPI/3-Wire Interface
Data Sheets Revised: MAX98307, MAX98308
3.3W Mono Class DG Multilevel Audio Amplifier
Data Sheets Revised: MAX31910
Ultra-Low Power Industrial, Octal, Digital Input Translator/Serializer
Data Sheets Revised: MAX31913
Industrial, Octal, Digital Input Translator/Serializer
Data Sheets Revised: MAX16999
Ultra-Low Output Voltage, Low-Quiescent-Current Linear Regulator for High-Temperature Applications
Data Sheets Revised: MAX16914, MAX16915
Ideal Diode, Reverse-Battery, and Overvoltage Protection Switch/Limiter Controllers with External MOSFETs
Data Sheets Revised: MAX16977
36V, 2A, 2.2MHz Step-Down Converter with Low Operating Current
Data Sheets Revised: MAX15569
2-Phase/1-Phase, QuickTune-PWM Controller with Serial I²C Interface
Data Sheets Revised: MAX16935
36V, 3.5A, 2.2MHz Step-Down Converter with 28µA Quiescent Current
Data Sheets Revised: MAX20091
35-Channel Contact Monitor
Data Sheets Revised: MAX14578AE, MAX14578E
USB Battery Charger Detectors
Data Sheets Revised: MAX16126, MAX16127
Load-Dump/Reverse-Voltage Protection Circuits
Data Sheets Revised: MAX16813
Integrated, 4-Channel, High-Brightness LED Driver with High-Voltage DC-DC Controller and Battery Disconnect
Data Sheets Revised: MAX14661
Beyond-the-Rails 16:2 Multiplexer
Data Sheets Revised: DS3923
High-Speed Current Mirror with Sample/Hold Output
Data Sheets New: MAX35103EVKIT
Evaluation Kit for the MAX35103
Data Sheets New: MAX98090EVKIT#TQFN
Evaluation Kit for the MAX98090 (TQFN)
Data Sheets Revised: MAX1709
4A, Low-Noise, High-Frequency, Step-Up DC-DC Converter
Data Sheets Revised: DS3922
High-Speed Current Mirror and Integrated FETs for DC-DC Controller
Data Sheets Revised: MAX220, MAX222, MAX223, MAX225, MAX230, MAX231, MAX232, MAX232A, MAX233, MAX233A, MAX234, MAX235, MAX236, MAX237, MAX238, MAX239, MAX240, MAX241, MAX242, MAX243, MAX244, MAX245, MAX246, MAX247, MAX248, MAX249
+5V-Powered, Multichannel RS-232 Drivers/Receivers
Data Sheets Revised: MAX9918, MAX9919, MAX9920
-20V to +75V Input Range, Precision Uni-/Bidirectional, Current-Sense Amplifiers
Data Sheets Revised: MAXM17504
4.5V-60V, 3.5A High-Efficiency, DC-DC Step-Down Power Module with Integrated Inductor
Data Sheets Revised: MAXM17505
4.5V-60V, 1.7A High-Efficiency, DC-DC Step-Down Power Module with Integrated Inductor
Data Sheets Revised: MAX16990, MAX16992
36V, 2.5MHz Automotive Boost/SEPIC Controllers
Data Sheets Revised: MAX14663
BGM-Optimized Power Solution with Cable Detection
Data Sheets Revised: MAX17531
42V, 50mA, Ultra-Small, High-Efficiency, Synchronous Step-Down DC-DC Converter with 22µA No-Load Supply Current
Data Sheets New: MAX21100EVBRD
Evaluation Board Adapter for the MAX21100
App Notes Using the Simple Serial Interface for Embedded Measurement Devices: 78M6610+LMU, 78M6610+PSU, and the MAX78630+PPM
App Notes Lightning Bolts, Defibrillators, and Protection Circuitry Save Lives
Data Sheets Revised: MAX8902A, MAX8902B
Low-Noise 500mA LDO Regulators in a 2mm x 2mm TDFN Package
Data Sheets Revised: MAX16838B
Integrated, 2-Channel, High-Brightness LED Driver with High-Voltage Boost and SEPIC Controller
App Notes MAX11300/MAX11301 PIXI Configuration Software User Guide
Data Sheets Revised: MAX16822A, MAX16822B
2MHz, High-Brightness LED Drivers with Integrated MOSFET and High-Side Current Sense
Data Sheets Revised: MAX951, MAX952, MAX953, MAX954
Ultra-Low-Power, Single-Supply Op Amp + Comparator + Reference
Data Sheets Revised: MAX1220, MAX1257, MAX1258
12-Bit, Multichannel ADCs/DACs with FIFO, Temperature Sensing, and GPIO Ports