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Resource Description
App Notes MAXREFDES44# MicroZed Quick Start Guide
Data Sheets Revised: MAX1626, MAX1627
5V/3.3V or Adjustable, 100% Duty Cycle, High-Efficiency, Step-Down DC-DC Controllers
Data Sheets Revised: MAX1553, MAX1554
High-Efficiency, 40V Step-Up Converters for 2 to 10 White LEDs
Data Sheets New: MAX17558
60V, Dual-Output, Synchronous Step-Down Controller
Data Sheets New: MAX11301
PIXI, 20-Port Programmable Mixed-Signal I/O with 12-Bit ADC, 12-Bit DAC, Analog Switches, and GPIO
Data Sheets Revised: MAX6816, MAX6817, MAX6818
±15kV ESD-Protected, Single/Dual/Octal, CMOS Switch Debouncers
Data Sheets Revised: MAX3160, MAX3161, MAX3162
+3.0V to +5.5V, 1µA, RS-232/RS-485/422 Multiprotocol Transceivers
Data Sheets Revised: DS80C390
Dual CAN High-Speed Microprocessor
Data Sheets Revised: MAX1702B
Triple-Output Power-Management IC for Microprocessor-Based Systems
Data Sheets Revised: DS80C400
Network Microcontroller
Data Sheets Revised: DS80C410, DS80C411
Network Microcontrollers with Ethernet and CAN
Data Sheets Revised: MAX31913
Industrial, Octal, Digital Input Translator/Serializer
Data Sheets Revised: MAX16930, MAX16931
2MHz, 36V, Dual Buck with Preboost and 20µA Quiescent Current
Data Sheets Revised: MAX31912
Ultra-Low Power Industrial, Octal, Digital Input Translator/Serializer
Data Sheets New: MAX11301EVKIT
Evaluation Kit for MAX11301
Data Sheets Revised: MAX4373, MAX4374, MAX4375
Low-Cost, Micropower, High-Side Current-Sense Amplifier + Comparator + Reference ICs
Data Sheets New: MAX11160
16-Bit, 500ksps, +5V SAR ADC with Internal Reference in µMAX
Data Sheets New: MAX11158
18-Bit, 500ksps, ±5V SAR ADC with Internal Reference in µMAX
Data Sheets New: MAX11161
16-Bit, 250ksps, +5V SAR ADC with Internal Reference in µMAX
Data Sheets New: MAX11150
18-Bit, 500ksps, +5V SAR ADC with Internal Reference in µMAX
Data Sheets Revised: MAX4238, MAX4239
Ultra-Low Offset/Drift, Low-Noise, Precision SOT23 Amplifiers
Data Sheets Revised: MAXM17516
6A, 2.4V to 5.5V Input, High-Efficiency Power Module
Data Sheets New: MAX11150EVKIT, MAX11152EVKIT, MAX11158EVKIT, MAX11160EVKIT, MAX11162EVKIT, MAX11168EVKIT
Evaluation Kit for MAX11150/MAX11152/MAX11158/MAX11160/MAX11161 /MAX11162 /MAX11163 /MAX11168 /MAX11169
Data Sheets Revised: MAX4172
Low-Cost, Precision, High-Side Current-Sense Amplifier
Data Sheets Revised: MAX5023, MAX5024
65V, Low-Quiescent-Current, High-Voltage Linear Regulators with µP Reset and Watchdog Timer
Data Sheets Revised: MAX4206
Precision Transimpedance Logarithmic Amplifier with Over 5 Decades of Dynamic Range
Data Sheets Revised: MAX11835
Efficient, High-Voltage, TacTouch™ Haptic Actuator Controller with I²C Interface
Data Sheets Revised: MAX17551
60V, 50mA, Ultra-Small, High-Efficiency, Synchronous Step-Down DC-DC Converter with 22μA No-Load Supply Current
Data Sheets Revised: MAX17506
4.5V–60V, 5A, High-Efficiency, Synchronous Step-Down DC-DC Converter with Internal Compensation
Data Sheets Revised: MAX17532
42V, 100mA, Ultra-Small, High-Efficiency, Synchronous Step-Down DC-DC Converter with 22µA No-Load Supply Current
Data Sheets New: MAX17506EVKITB
Evaluation Kit for MAX17506
Data Sheets Revised: MAX16818
1.5MHz, 30A High-Efficiency LED Driver with Rapid LED Current Pulsing
Data Sheets Revised: MAX8831
High Efficiency White LED Step-Up Converter with I²C Interface in 2mm x 2mm WLP
Data Sheets Revised: MAXM17515
5A, 2.4V to 5.5V Input, High-Efficiency Power Module
Data Sheets New: MAX17506EVKITA
Evaluation Kit for MAX17506
Data Sheets Revised: MAX4208, MAX4209
Ultra-Low Offset/Drift, Precision Instrumentation Amplifiers with REF Buffer
Data Sheets Revised: MAX44250, MAX44251, MAX44252
20V, Ultra-Precision, Low-Noise Op Amps
Data Sheets New: MAX17620
4MHz, Miniature 600mA, Synchronous Step-Down DC-DC Converter with Integrated MOSFETs
Data Sheets New: MAX17620EVKIT
Evaluation Kit for MAX17620
Data Sheets New: MAX17551AUBEVKIT
Evaluation Kit (µMAX) for MAX17551
Data Sheets New: MAX17551ATBEVKIT
Evaluation Kit (TDFN) for MAX17551
Data Sheets Revised: MAX14820EVKIT
Evaluation Kit for the MAX14820 and MAX14821
Data Sheets Revised: MAX44241, MAX44243, MAX44246
36V, Low-Noise, Precision, Single/Quad/Dual Op Amps
Data Sheets New: MAXM17514EVKIT
Evaluation Kit for MAXM17514
Data Sheets New: MAXWSNENV
Wireless Sensor Node Demonstrator Including MAX32600
Data Sheets Revised: MAX17595, MAX17596, MAX17597
Peak-Current-Mode Controllers for Flyback and Boost Regulators
Data Sheets Revised: MAX34451
PMBus 16-Channel V/I Monitor and 12-Channel Sequencer/Marginer
Data Sheets New: MAX17550AUBEVKIT
Evaluation Kit (µMAX) for MAX17550
Data Sheets New: MAX17550ATBEVKIT
Evaluation Kit (TDFN) for MAX17550
Data Sheets Revised: MAX4080, MAX4081
76V, High-Side, Current-Sense Amplifiers with Voltage Output
Data Sheets Revised: MAX8901A, MAX8901B
Highest Efficiency Supply for 2 to 6 Series WLEDs in a 2mm x 2mm TDFN Package
Data Sheets Revised: MAX16935
36V, 3.5A, 2.2MHz Step-Down Converter with 28µA Quiescent Current
Data Sheets Revised: MAX16128, MAX16129
Load-Dump/Reverse-Voltage Protection Circuits
Data Sheets New: MAXM17504EVKIT
Evaluation Kit for MAXM17504 5V Output
Data Sheets New: MAXM17543EVKIT
Evaluation Kit for MAXM17543 3.3V Output
Data Sheets New: MAXM17515EVKIT
Evaluation Kit for MAXM17515
Data Sheets New: MAXM17516EVKIT
Evaluation Kit for MAXM17516
Data Sheets New: MAXM17544EVKIT
Evaluation Kit for MAXM17544
Data Sheets Revised: MAX71617, MAX71637
Energy Measurement SoCs
Data Sheets New: MAXM17503EVKIT
Evaluation Kit for MAXM17503
Data Sheets Revised: MAX690, MAX691, MAX692, MAX693, MAX694, MAX695
Microprocessor Supervisory Circuits
Data Sheets Revised: MAX15020EVKIT
Evaluation Kit for the MAX15020
Data Sheets Revised: MAX16052, MAX16053
High-Voltage, Adjustable Sequencing/Supervisory Circuits
Data Sheets Revised: MAX11040K, MAX11060
24-/16-Bit, 4-Channel, Simultaneous-Sampling, Cascadable, Sigma-Delta ADCs
Data Sheets New: DS9090EVKIT
1-Wire Device Evaluation Kit
Data Sheets New: MAX11214EVKIT, MAX11216EVKIT
Evaluation Kits for the MAX11214/MAX11216
Data Sheets New: MAXM17545EVKIT
Evaluation Kit for MAXM17545 3.3V Output
Data Sheets New: MAXM17505EVKIT
Evaluation Kit for MAXM17505 5V Output
App Notes MAXREFDES43# ZedBoard Quick Start Guide
App Notes Secure Your FPGA System Using a DeepCover Secure Authenticator
Data Sheets Revised: MAX6613
Low-Voltage Analog Temperature Sensor in an SC70 Package
Data Sheets Revised: MAX13036EVCMAXQU, MAX13036EVKIT
MAX13036 Evaluation Kit/Evaluation System
Data Sheets Revised: MAX9937EVKIT
Evaluation Kit for the MAX9937
Data Sheets Revised: DS1341, DS1342
Low-Current I²C RTCs for High-ESR Crystals
Data Sheets Revised: MAX17019EVKIT
Evaluation Kit for the MAX17019
Data Sheets New: MAX11214
24-Bit, 5mW, 140dB SNR, 32ksps Delta-Sigma ADC with Integrated PGA
Data Sheets Revised: MAX9643EVKIT
Evaluation Kit for the MAX9643
Data Sheets Revised: DS60
Analog Temperature Sensor
Data Sheets Revised: MAX3362
3.3V, High-Speed, RS-485/RS-422 Transceiver in SOT Package
Data Sheets Revised: MAX3250
±50V Isolated, 3.0V to 5.5V, 250kbps, 2 Tx/2 Rx, RS-232 Transceiver
Data Sheets Revised: MAX13487E, MAX13488E
Half-Duplex RS-485/RS-422-Compatible Transceiver with AutoDirection Control
Data Sheets Revised: MAX14778
Dual ±25V Above- and Below-the-Rails 4:1 Analog Multiplexer
App Notes Using the MAX15090/MAX15090A Hot-Swap Solution in Low-Voltage Applications for Resistive Loads
Data Sheets Revised: MAX1614
High-Side, n-Channel MOSFET Switch Driver
Data Sheets Revised: MAX1518B
TFT-LCD DC-DC Converter with Operational Amplifiers
Data Sheets Revised: MAX17061A
8-String White LED Driver with SMBus for LCD Panel Applications
Data Sheets Revised: MAX14689
Ultra-Small, Low-RON, Beyond-the-Rails DPDT Analog Switches
Data Sheets Revised: DS1822
Econo 1-Wire Digital Thermometer
Data Sheets Revised: MAX3420E
USB Peripheral Controller with SPI Interface
Data Sheets Revised: MAX15021
Dual, 4A/2A, 4MHz, Step-Down DC-DC Regulator with Tracking/Sequencing Capability
Data Sheets New: MAX11270EVKIT
Evaluation Kit for the MAX11270
Data Sheets Revised: DS1305
Serial Alarm Real-Time Clock
Data Sheets Revised: DS1306
Serial Alarm Real-Time Clock
Data Sheets Revised: DS1337, DS1337C
I²C Serial Real-Time Clock
Data Sheets Revised: DS1338, DS1338C, DS1338U, DS1338Z
I²C RTC with 56-Byte NV RAM
Data Sheets Revised: DS1340, DS1340C
I²C RTC with Trickle Charger
Data Sheets Revised: DS1347
Low-Current, SPI-Compatible Real-Time Clock
Data Sheets Revised: DS1308
Low-Current I²C RTC with 56-Byte NV RAM
Data Sheets Revised: DS1339B
Low-Current, I2C, Serial Real-Time Clock for High-ESR Crystals
Data Sheets New: 80515-FPBM-TFP3, MAXQ30-FPBM-TFP3L, MAXQ30-FPBM-TFP3Q
TFP3 Flash Programmer Board