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Welcome to Maxim Integrated's Support Center.

Applications Support

Our dedicated team of Applications Engineers are available to answer questions via email or phone. We will respond to every customer request.

Quality Assurance Support

Quality Assurance Engineers are available to answer any quality-related questions, such as questions about Maxim’s Quality System, Reliability Information, Failure Analysis, Product Moisture Sensitive Data, and Device Materials Declaration.

Also see:
QA and Reliability: reliability data, quality policy, ISO certificates, and more
Packaging: packaging outline drawings, land pattern drawings, and additional packaging resources
Environmental: environmental management systems/certifications, lead-free and RoHS information, material reports, banned and restricted substances certificates and statements, tin whisker reports

Sales Support

Doing business with Maxim is easy! You can buy direct or through authorized distributors.

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Contact Sales Support by phone or email:

North America
888-Maxim-IC (888-629-4642)

+ 353 (0) 1 223 5500

Asia and Oceania
+ 886-2-8770-5666

Website Support

Report Website Issues: membership issues, content issues, EE-Mail issues, suggestion box.

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