Powerline Analog Front-End (AFE)

Powerline Analog Front-End (AFE)

Data Sheets
Part Number Description:  Key Advantages
MAX2991 Power-Line Communications (PLC) Integrated Analog Front-End Transceiver

Prestandard conformance (IEEE P1901.2, ITU G.9955, and IEC/CENELEC); supports large lighting arrays over long distances using IPv6 compatible networking 
MAX2981 Integrated Powerline Communication Analog Front-End Transceiver and Line Driver

Industrial-grade modem supports data rates up to 14Mbps over AC or DC power lines within buildings; point-to-multipoint addressing to control groups of lights 

Key Specifications:

Powerline Networking Devices
Part Number Features Interface Compatibility Oper. Temp.
3.0V to 3.6V I/O
10kHz to 490kHz Frequency Band
Advanced Narrowband Interference Rejection
Compliant to FCC, CENELEC, ARIB
Data Rate Up to 100Kbps
Seamless Interface to Digital PHY ICs Powerline -40 to +85
3.0V to 3.6V I/O
4.49MHz to 20.7MHz Frequency Band
10Ω Minimum Line Impedance Capability
10-Bit ADC and DAC with 50MHz Sampling
56dB Adaptive Gain Control
HomePlug® 1.0 -40 to +105
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