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Microcontroller Software Downloads

Table of Contents

Microcontroller Example Software
Various software examples and utilities to assist in the development of 8051-based application software.
5000_sample_code.exe (30K) DS5000 Sample Code
The files contained in this group are sample programs demonstrating various aspects of the DS5000 processor. These programs were assembled using the Metalink 8051 assembler, but the syntax is general, so it should be compatible with any 8051 assembler.
  • 5KSMPL01.ASM:Demonstrates how the application code can move the partition address.
  • 5KSMPL02.ASM: Demonstrates an alternative timed access procedure.
  • 5KSMPL03.ASM: Demonstrates the application of the Watchdog Timer.
  • 5KSMPL04.ASM: Illustrates register indirect addressing.
  • 5KSMPL05.ASM: ROM Loader feature illustration.
  • MODS5K.ASM: Register and bit definitions.
clkdemo.exe (28K) DS5000 Clock Program
Software supplied with the DS5000TK that exercise the real-time clock. The Demo.bat file loads Demods5t.hex, into the DS5000 and then runs DEMODS5T on the PC to display the information on the PC. KIT5K.EXE should be in the same directory as the above files.
  • DEMO.BAT: This batch file automatically loads the DS5000T with a program to read the time and then runs a program in the PC to set or display the time sent back by the DS5000T.
  • DEMODS5T.CMD: This command file directs the KIT5K program to load the DEMODS5T.HEX program into the DS5000T.
  • DEMODS5T.HEX: DEMODS5T.HEX is a DS5000T program that communicates date/time information between the RTC in the DS5000T and the serial port.
  • DEMODS5T.LST: This is a listing of DEMODS5T.HEX.
  • DEMODS5T.SRC: Source code for DEMODS5T.HEX.
  • DEMODS5T.EXE: This PC program tests the DS5000T RTC by comparing it against the PC clock. This program requires that DEMODS5T.HEX be installed in the DS5000T, and that the DS5000T be connected to a PC COM port.
  • DEMODS5T.PAS: Pascal source code for DEMODS5T.EXE.
  • SAMPLE.ASM: Assembly language source code that illustrates techniques for accessing the DS5000T RTC.
ds1283.exe (28K) DS1283 RTC
Demonstrates how communicate with the RTC on the DS2251T and DS2252T microcontroller modules.
ds1620.asm (5K) DS1620 Digital Thermometer/ 8051 Interface Example
This assembly code interfaces a DS1620 Digital Thermometer to an 8051 code compatible processor. Data is transferred through the microcontroller's serial port, using synchronous communications (mode 0).
hsm_sample_code.exe (31K) High-speed Microcontroller Sample Code
The files contained in this group are sample programs demonstrating various aspects of the High-Speed Microcontroller family. The assembly language syntax is general, so it should be compatible with any 8051 assembler.
  • 320SMPL1.ASM: Demonstrates the dual data pointers.
  • 320SMPL2.ASM: Uses timer 2 to generate periodic interrupts.
  • 320SMPL3.ASM: Demonstrates timer 2 clock output mode.
  • 320SMPL4.ASM: Illustrates the Stretch MOVX capability.
  • 320SMPL5.ASM: Demonstrates the Watchdog interrupt capability.
  • 320SMPL6.ASM: Demonstrates the Watchdog reset capability.
  • 320SMPL7.C51: C language source file demonstrating serial port setup for programs.
  • 320SMPL7.BAT: Batch file to compile/link 320SMPL7.C51.
  • 320SMPL8.ASM: Demonstrates serial communication using serial port 0 and timer 2.
  • 320SMPL9.ASM: Demonstrates the use of both serial channels. (13K) Soft Reload example for DS5000/T/FP
Serial Loader program that demonstrates in-application programming feature of DS5000FP or related product.
  • soft_reload.asm: Assembly code
  • soft_reload.hex: Hex download file
  • soft_reload.txt: Program listing
Microcontroller Application Note Software
Software examples to support microcontroller related application notes.
an75_sw.exe (23K) Application Note 75: Using the High-Speed Micro's Serial Ports
Self-extracting file demonstrates use of High-Speed Microcontroller serial ports.
  • Example1.asm: Initializes serial port 0 to operate in 10-bit asynchronous format. Timer 2 is used as the baud rate generator using 11.0529 MHz clock.
  • Example2.asm: Initializes serial port 0 in Multi-Processor Communication mode.
  • Example3.asm: Demonstrates the simultaneous use of both serial ports.
an78_sw.exe (25K) Application Note 78: Using Power Management with High-Speed Microcontrollers
Self-extracting files demonstrate use of DS87C5x0 power management modes.
  • Example1.asm: Demonstrates gradual version of power management that involves the watchdog timer.
  • Example2.asm: Demonstrates use of the serial ports in conjunction with the ring oscillator.
  • Example3.asm: Demonstrates "burst mode" power management in a data logger device.
an79_sw.exe (25K) Application Note 79: Using the DS87C530/DS5250 Real-Time Clock
Self-extracting files demonstrate the use of the DS87C530 the real-time clock. Also applies to DS5240/DS5250.
  • Datalogr.asm: Demonstrates use of the RTC to periodically exit Stop mode to service an external device (DS1620).
  • Rtc_calb.asm: Demonstrates how to measure the internal RTC frequency of the DS87C530.
  • Rtc_util.asm: Allows external host via serial port to set/read time information in the DS87C530.
an81_sw.exe (22K) Application Note 81: Memory Expansion with the High-Speed Microcontroller Family
Self-extracting file demonstrating methods for expanding memory beyond 64kB.
  • BANKJMP1.asm: Demonstrates common-page memory expansion configuration using I/O.
  • BANKJMP2.asm: Demonstrates common-page memory expansion configuration using latched addressing.
hsm_load.exe (31K) App Note 102: Using the High-Speed Microcontroller as a Bootstrap Loader
Self-extracting file demonstrates how to create a bootstrap loader that supports in-system programming for the DS87C520/DS87C530.
  • AM29f010.asm: Flash include module for AMD29F010 Flash memory.
  • Hsm_load.asm: Bootstrap loader source file for microcontroller.
  • Nvram.asm: NVRAM include module for loader for generic nonvolatile SRAM.
an601_sw.asm (7K) App Note 601: Accelerating 16/32-Bit Math Operations with the DS80C390/DS80C400
Demonstrates a single precision floating point multiply function. (8K) Application Note 3362: Using the Keil µVision Debugger with the DS89C4x0
Debugging monitors for use with DS89C430/450 and Keil Software C51 compiler.
  • mon4x0_v14_s0.hex: Configured for serial port 0, timer 1, 16.384MHz
  • mon4x0_v14_s1.hex: Configured for serial port 1, timer 1, 16.384MHz