Self-Contained PINpad, Smart Card Reader IC UART-to-ISO 7816/EMV Bridge IC

The 73S12xx Family of Smart Card Reader SoCs Are Ideal for Integrating ISO 7816 Interfaces Into Any Design


The 73S1209F is a self-contained, SoC smart card reader IC that is an ideal solution for serially connected ISO 7816 design. Any serial port connected or stand-alone smart card reader can benefit from the unique feature-set the Teridian 73S1209F and 73S1210F offer. With the 73S1209F products like personal PINPads, transparent smart card readers, or stand-alone smart card readers in embedded systems are easily and economically implemented.

Teridian is committed to simplifying customer designs as well as shortening development and certification time by providing unparalled support and design help. Customers can elect to use Teridian's free-of-charge turnkey reference designs and software solutions that fully comply with all relevant standards (ISO 7816 (T = 0,T = 1), PS/SC, CCID) and are suitable to pass key certification tests (EMV 4.1 (Level 1), Microsoft WHQL). Alternately, Teridian fully supports customers' development of their own solutions with extensive documentation and support.

Key Features

  • Turnkey Solution
    • Available with Pseudo CCID Software Stack:
      • Suitable for ISO 7816 and EMV Smart Cards
      • Single or Multiple Card Slots
      • Drivers for Windows XP, CE, Mobile, Linux and More
  • Higher Performance CPU Core
    • 80515 CPU Core
    • One Clock Cycle/Instruction
    • Up to 24MIPS Available
  • Large On-Chip Memory and Powerful In-Circuit Emulation
    • On-Chip 2KB XRAM, 256IRAM, and Dedicated FIFO to ISO 7816
    • True On-Chip 32KB Flash (Program Memory, Segmented with 512B Pages)
    • 3-Wire JTAG-Like Interface for In-Circuit Emulation and Flash Programming
    • On-Chip Security Fuses Can Permanently Disable the JTAG-Like Interface and Lock the Flash for Final Products
  • Single and Multiple Card Slots
    • One Built-In Electrical Interface
    • Suitable for All ISO 7816 and Derivative Standards (Including EMV 4.1, GSM11-11, etc.)
    • Possibility to Extend the Number of Smart Card Slots Through External 73S8010R/C ICs


  • Audio/Video
  • Conditional Access and Payment Slots in Digital STB, PVR and Integrated DTVs
  • Payphones
  • POS Terminals
  • SIM Readers in Wireless Devices (WiMAX, GSM, GPRS)
  • Vending and Ticketing Machines
Part Number ISO-7816 Interface Internal Flash
Card Supply Voltage
Package/Pins Budgetary
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73S1209F  Yes Asynch. Serial 32
$3.15 @1k
See All Smart Card Reader ICs (21)
Pricing Notes:
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73S1209F-EB: 73S1209F Evaluation Board
80515-FPBM-TFP2: TFP2 Flash Programmer Demo Board

Technical Documents

User Guide 4763 73S12xxF Software User Guide
User Guide 4762 Using Synchronous Smart Cards with the 73S12xxF User's Guide
User Guide 4761 73S1209F Evaluation Board Quick Start Guide

Quality and Environmental Data

Request Reliability Report for: 73S1209F 
Lead-Free Package Tin (Sn) Whisker Reports

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