Maxim's microcontrollers provide low-power, efficient, and secure solutions for challenging embedded applications. Our 16-/32-bit processors embed cutting-edge technologies to secure data and intellectual property, proven analog circuitry for real-world applications, and battery-conserving low power operation.  Select from Maxim’s MAXQ low-power microcontrollers or Maxim’s general purpose microcontrollers.

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Wellness Measurement Microcontroller

  • ARM Cortex-M3 32-Bit RISC CPU
  • Memory
  • Supply Voltage

DeepCover Secure Cortex-M3 Flash Microcontroller

  • ARM® Cortex® M3 Processor Core Allows for Easy Integration into Applications
  • Security Features Fascilitate System-Level Protection
  • Integrated Peripherals Reduce External Component Count

DeepCover Ultra-Low Power Magnetic Card Reader Security Microprocessor

  • Triple Track Magnetic Stripe Head Interface
  • 450µA Current During Card Reading
  • AES/TDEA Hardware Accelerators

Type ID Title
Reference Circuit5610High-Performance, High-Accuracy 4-20mA Current-Loop Transmitter Meets Toughest Industrial Requirements
Reference Circuit4663Reference Design for an Energy Meter Using the MAXQ3180/MAXQ3183 AFEs
Reference Circuit4206Choosing the Right 1-Wire® Master for Embedded Applications
Reference Circuit4195Selecting SPI Clock Modes for Interfacing the MAX1132 ADC with the MAXQ2000 Microcontroller
Reference Circuit4267Proven Implementations of the I²C Bus
Reference Circuit5150Simple Wireless Temperature Monitor Also Has Data-Logging Capabilities
Reference Circuit5406LFRD004: 2-Way Remote Control Reference Design
Reference Circuit5244Modern PRTD Temperature Sensors and High-Resolution Delta-Sigma ADCs Enable Wide Range High-Accuracy Temperature Measurements
Reference Circuit5319Liquid-Level Measurement System Uses a Compensated Silicon Pressure Sensor and Precision Delta-Sigma ADCs, Part 1
Reference Circuit5391LFRD002: Wireless Automatic Meter Reading Reference Design
Reference Circuit5366LFRD001: MAX1472/MAX1473/MAXQ610 Remote Keyless Entry Reference Design
Reference Circuit5387QAM Reference Design Using the MAX5880 Modulator and MAX5882 RF DAC
Reference Circuit4379Display Different LED Sequences Using the MAXQ2000 Microcontroller with the MAX6970 LED Driver
Reference Circuit5684High-Performance Temperature Measurement Using Thermocouples and Precision Delta-Sigma ADCs, Part 2
Reference Circuit5523Liquid-Level Control and Delivery System Uses a Compensated Silicon Pressure Sensor and Precision Delta-Sigma ADCs, Part 2
Reference Circuit4091Reference Design for Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Midspan or Endpoint Insertion
Reference Circuit5404LFRD003: Water Meter Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) Reference Design
System Board5672Fit 1 Vital Signs Monitoring Shirt
System Board5896MAXREFDES39#: Power Amplifier Biasing through MAX11300 PIXI