Serial RAM Chip


The DS1200 serial RAM chip is a miniature read/write memory that can randomly access individual 8-bit strings (bytes) or sequentially access the entire 1024-bit contents (burst). Interface cost to a microprocessor is minimized by on-chip circuitry, which permits data transfers with only three signals: CLK, active-low RST, and DQ.

Nonvolatility can be achieved by connecting a battery of 2V to 4V at the battery input VBAT. A load of 0.5µA should be used to size the external battery for the required data retention time. If nonvolatility is not required the VBAT pin should be grounded.
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Key Features

  • 1024 Bits of Read/Write Memory
  • Low Data Retention Current for Battery Backup Applications
  • Four Million Bits/Second Data Rate
  • Single-Byte or Multiple-Byte Data Transfer Capability
  • No Restrictions on the Number of Write Cycles
  • Low-Power CMOS Circuitry


  • Automatic System Setup
  • Calibrators
  • Computer Identification
  • Secure Personnel Areas
  • Software Authorization
  • Systems Access Control
  • Traveling Work Record

Quality and Environmental Data

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