Wireless and RF

Maxim is your source for high-performance RF building blocks and high-integration devices. Our solutions address the critical radio functions for your wireless and RF applications.

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DeepCover Secure Authenticator with SHA-256 and RFID Reader

  • Secure, Contactless Host Authenticator
  • Design Flexibility Supports Diverse Applications
  • Scalable 13.56MHz Analog Front-End Provides Support for Multiple Antenna Configurations

DOCSIS 3.0 Upstream Amplifier

  • Exceeds DOCSIS 3.0 Electrical Requirements
  • Low-Power Standby Mode Reduces Static Power Consumption
  • Industry-Standard +5V Single-Supply Operation Simplifies Design and Reduces System Cost

225MHz to 3800MHz RF Power Amplifier Linearizer (RFPAL)

  • RFin/RFout PA Linearizer SoC in Standard CMOS
  • External Reference Clock Support:
  • Low Power Consumption:

Adaptive RF Power Amplifier Linearizer

  • RFin/RFout PA Linearizer SoC in Standard CMOS
  • Fully Adaptive Compensation
  • Low Power Consumption:

Adaptive RF Power Amplifier Linearizer with Dual RMS Power Measurement Unit

  • SC1889 (PC = 00): RFPAL
  • SC1889 (PC = 11): RFPAL + PMU (Optional)

23.5MHz to 6000MHz Fractional/Integer-N Synthesizer/VCO

  • Output Binary Buffers/Dividers Enable Extended Frequency Range
  • High-Performance Phase Frequency Detector (PFD) and Reference Frequency Reduces Spectral Noise
  • Low Normalized Inband Phase Noise of -230dBc/Hz Reduces System Noise Floor Contribution

22kHz Startup Receiver and 3D Transponder

  • Maximizes Battery Life
  • Maximizes Communication Range
  • Extends Cockpit Design Options

Type ID Title
Reference Circuit451REP023: 3.5GHz Upconverter from 350MHz Achieves 9dB Gain and 1.3dBm IIP3
Reference Circuit441REP001: AMPS FM Mixer Trades Off IIP3 for Gain
Reference Circuit463REP019: Tuned Dual-Band Front-End CDMA IC with Single 110MHz IF
Reference Circuit442REP002: Dual-Band IS-136 TDMA RF Front-End Needs no Special Components
Reference Circuit4276WLAN Reference Design with the MAX2830
Reference Circuit4174MAX2165 DMB-TH USB Dongle Reference Design
Reference Circuit4279MAX2769 GPS Reference Design
Reference Circuit5390LFRD014: Tube Motor Receiver Reference Design
Reference Circuit5366LFRD001: MAX1472/MAX1473/MAXQ610 Remote Keyless Entry Reference Design
Reference Circuit5387QAM Reference Design Using the MAX5880 Modulator and MAX5882 RF DAC
Reference Circuit5364Femtocell Radio Reference Designs Using the MAX2550–MAX2553 Transceivers
Reference Circuit4275GPS USB Reference Design with the MAX2769
Reference Circuit4278DVB-T Receiver Reference Design with the MAX3580
Reference Circuit5150Simple Wireless Temperature Monitor Also Has Data-Logging Capabilities
Reference Circuit4274WiBro Reference Design with the MAX2837
Reference Circuit4172MAX2160 ISDB-T Reference Design
Reference Circuit4175MAX3541 DVB-T/PAL Tuner
Reference Circuit4178DVB-S Half-NIM Tuner Reference Design Uses the MAX2120 Tuner
Reference Circuit4173MAX3580 DVB-T Reference Design
Reference Circuit1088REP014: CDMA PA provides -45dBc ACPR at +28.5dBm
Reference Circuit4171Transmitter Reference Design for a 900MHz Full-Duplex Radio
Reference Circuit4156Reference Design for an 802.11b/g RF Front-End Module Using the MAX2830
Reference Circuit4154MAX2170/MAX2171 DAB/T-DMB Reference Design
Reference Circuit458REP021: Front end for 2.5GHz GlobalStar +IS-95
Reference Circuit453REP005: Tuned Front End for Dual-Band CDMA for Use with Low-Cost 85MHz IF SAWs
Reference Circuit457REP018: Dual-Band Dual-Mode Front-End IC with Common 183.6MHz IF
Reference Circuit446REP015: Dual-Path CDMA PA Tuned for High Linearity
Reference Circuit448REP017: Dual-Band Triple-Mode IC Uses 183MHz for both CDMA and AMPS IFs
Reference Circuit443REP008: Dual-Band Front-End IC Tuned for CDMA, PCS, and AMPS at a Common 85MHz Low IF
Reference Circuit444REP007: Cellular Front-End IC Drives IFR3100 IF Demodulator
Reference Circuit445REP010: Dual-band IS-136 FE IC at 183MHz IF
Reference Circuit459REP020: Dual-Band Dual-Mode FE IC with Common 210MHz IF