T1 Long Loop Stik


The DS2291 T1 Long Loop Stik recovers clock and data from T1 lines varying in length from 0 to 6,000 feet. It also dejitters the recovered clock and data in compliance with AT&T TR 62411 (Accunet* T1.5 Service Description and Interface specification, December 1990).

Compared to other circuits performing T1 clock and data recovery, the DS2291 requires no tuning or additional circuitry. It is a companion to the DS229 T1 Isolation Stik and compatible with the DS2180A or DS2141A T1 Transceivers, for low-cost, low-power T1 interfacing.

Applications area include Channel Service Units (CSU), T1 monitoring equipment, and T1 test equipment.

Key Features

  • Recovers clock and data from T1 lines from 0 to 6,000 feet in length
  • +0 to -30dBSX receiver sensitivity
  • Built-in Automatic Line Build-Out (ALBO) circuitry requires no tuning or external components
  • Dejitters recovered clock and data
  • Meets TR 62411 (Dec. 1990) for jitter tolerance and attenuation
  • Companion to the DS2290 T1 Isolation Stik
  • Connects to a standard 30-pin single in-line connector
  • Compatible with the DS2180A or DS2141A T1 transceivers
  • Operating ranges:
    • Single +5V supply
    • 0°C to 70°C

Quality and Environmental Data

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