Concrete Temperature Monitor


This product is a sealed plastic stick containing three DS1921G iButtons®. The iButtons are connected in parallel through metal plates that are spot-welded to the IO and GND contact, respectively. Two stranded wires protruding from the top end of the stick allow for a 1-Wire® reader/writer to make contact to the iButtons for setup and data retrieval. Electrically, the product is specified by the DS1921G data sheet, with the proper scaling (e.g., current ×3, capacitance ×3). The mechanical and thermal characteristics of the module are specified in this document.
DS9108: Typical Operating Circuit DS9108: Typical Operating Circuit Enlarge+

Key Features

  • Three DS1921G networked to monitor temperate at the top, bottom and center of the stick
  • Connects to 1-Wire reader/writer through colorcoded 18 AWG (1 mm Ø) stranded wires with ½ inch (1.3cm) stripped ends
  • Electrically compatible to the DS1921G Thermochron iButton (3 in parallel)
  • Sealed against liquid intrusion
  • Module position information stored in DS1921G memory


  • Concrete Maturity Monitoring
Part Number Technology Applications Memory Type Memory Size Data Logger Type Data Logger Size Data Logger Sample Rate Data Logger Histogram Data Logger Accuracy Data Logger Resolution Data Logger Measuremt. Range Prog. Alarm Unique Ware Real Time Clock
DS9108  iButton Asset Management NV SRAM 3 x 4K bits Temperature 3 x 2048 Byte 1min to 255min 63-bin ±1°C 0.5°C -20°C to +65°C Temperature High/Low No Yes
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Technical Documents

App Note 5507 Understanding the DS1WM Synthesizable 1-Wire Bus Master

Quality and Environmental Data

Request Reliability Report for: DS9108 
Lead-Free Package Tin (Sn) Whisker Reports

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