Sensors and Sensor Interface


12-Channel, High-Voltage Sensor with Integrated Cell Balancing and Differential UART for Daisy-Chain Communication

Meets Toughest Automotive and Industrial OEM Requirements for Safety, Performance, and Reliability


The MAX17823 is Maxim's fourth-generation, high-voltage battery-management solution. With higher accuracy, safety-enabling features, and an automotive-hardened differential UART, the MAX17823 provides the highest safety and reliability solution for EV battery-pack designs.

As Maxim's latest ISO 26262 ASIL-D-compliant 12-cell daisy-chain device, the MAX17823 has undergone rigorous testing to ensure operation under the most hostile of EMC/EMI environments. The robust differential UART daisy-chain supports cable lengths of up to 3m and passes tough industry-compliance testing. Cell-reversal capability and 96-cell hot-plug performance make pack assembly easy for high-cell-count systems.

A host of ASIL-enabling features makes safety assessment of pack operation simple and straightforward for any host microcontroller.

Key Features

  • 12-Cell Battery-Voltage Measurement for Lithium-Ion, NiMH, or Super-Cap Cells
  • Two Auxiliary Analog Inputs for Thermistor Temperature Measurement
  • Die Temperature Measurement and Alert
  • High-Accuracy I/Os
  • Excellent ±2mV Typical Voltage-Measurement Accuracy
  • Integrated 12-Channel Data-Acquisition System
  • Differential High-Voltage Mux to ADC
  • Full Featured at 100Hz Measurement Rate
  • 14-Bit ADC Resolution with Oversampling
  • 12 Cell Voltages Measured within 142µs
  • Module Voltage Measurement
  • Battery-Fault Detection
  • Overvoltage and Undervoltage Digital Detection Threshold
  • Enhanced Diagnostic Features for Fault Detection to Support ASIL and FMEA
  • 12 Internal Cell-Balancing Switches
  • Supports Up to 150mA Per Switch
  • Integrated 9V to 65V Input Linear Regulator
  • Integrated Temperature-Compensated, 2.307V Precision Reference
  • Robust Differential Daisy-Chain UART Interface
  • Up to 32 Connected ICs in a Single Daisy-Chain
  • Standard UART Bytes at 2Mbps (max) Rate
  • Fault-Tolerant Error-Checking Protocol
  • Four General-Purpose Digital I/O Lines
  • Ultra-Low Power Dissipation
  • 650µA Standby-Mode Supply Current
  • 1µA Shutdown-Mode Leakage Current
  • -40°C to 105°C Operating Temperature Range (AEC-Q100 Type 2)
  • 64-Pin, Lead(Pb)-Free/RoHS-Compliant, 10mm × 10mm LQFP Package

Quality and Environmental Data

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Lead-Free Package Tin (Sn) Whisker Reports

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