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Digital Thermometer and Thermostat


The DS1620 Digital Thermometer and Thermostat provides 9-bit temperature readings which indicate the temperature of the device. With three thermal alarm outputs, the DS1620 can also act as a thermostat. THIGH is driven high if the DS1620's temperature is greater than or equal to a user-defined temperature TH. TLOW is driven high if the DS1620's temperature is less than or equal to a user-defined temperature TL. TCOM is driven high when the temperature exceeds TH and stays high until the temperature falls below that of TL.

User-defined temperature settings are stored in nonvolatile memory, so parts can be programmed prior to insertion in a system, as well as used in standalone applications without a CPU. Temperature settings and temperature readings are all communicated to/from the DS1620 over a simple 3-wire interface.
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Key Features

  • Requires no External Components
  • Supply Voltage Range Covers from 2.7V to 5.5V
  • Measures Temperatures from -55°C to +125°C in 0.5°C Increments; Fahrenheit Equivalent is -67°F to +257°F in 0.9°F Increments
  • Temperature is Read as a 9-Bit Value
  • Converts Temperature to Digital Word in 1 Second (max)
  • Thermostatic Settings are User-Definable and Nonvolatile
  • Data is Read from/Written via a 3-Wire Serial Interface (CLK, DQ, active-low RST)
  • Applications Include Thermostatic Controls, Industrial Systems, Consumer Products, Thermometers, or any Thermally Sensitive System
  • 8-Pin DIP or SO (208-mil) Packages


  • Consumer Products
  • Industrial Systems
  • Thermally Sensitive Systems
  • Thermometers
  • Thermostatic Controls
Part Number Sensor Type Functions Interface Accuracy
Parasite Pwr. Temp. Thresh. Temp. Resolution
Oper. Temp.
See Notes
DS1620  Local
Dual Output Temperature Switch
Dual Temperature Alarms
Standalone Thermostat
Temperature Switch/Temperature Comparator
0.5 No Programmable (NV) 9 -55 to +125 $3.23 @1k
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Part Number Switch Type Functions Interface Accuracy
Temp. Thresh.
Features Budgetary
See Notes
DS1620  Local
Dual Output Temperature Switch
Dual Temperature Alarms
Standalone Thermostat
Temperature Switch/Temperature Comparator
Factory Programmed
High Accuracy
Nonvolatile Thermostatic Settings
Push-Pull Active High Output
Separate High and Low Temperature Thresholds
$3.23 @1k
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Design Tools

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