Dual DCL with Integrated Level Setters

Obtain the Highest Test Yields and Lowest Power Cost in Semiconductor Test


The MAX19000 is a fully integrated, dual-channel, high-performance pin-electronics driver/comparator/load (DCL) with built-in level setters, and is ideal for memory and SOC ATE systems. Each MAX19000 channel includes a three-level pin driver, a window comparator, dynamic clamps, an active load, programmable cable-loss compensation, and built-in programmable level setters.

The driver features a wide -2V to +6V operating range and a data rate of 1200Mbps at +2V operation. The driver includes high impedance, active termination (3rd-level drive), and is highly linear even at low-voltage swings. The window comparators provide extremely low timing variation with changes in slew rate, common mode, pulse width, and overdrive. The active load has an extended IOH and IOL current range, providing up to 20mA. The dynamic clamps provide damping of high-speed DUT waveforms when the DCL is in high-impedancereceive mode. A serial interface configures the device, easing PCB signal routing.

The MAX19000 is available in a 64-pin TQFP package with an exposed pad.

Key Features

  • High-Speed: 1200Mbps at +2V Operation
  • Fast Rise/Fall Times: 400ps Maximum at +2V (20% to 80%)
  • Extremely Low Power Dissipation: 1.3W/Channel
  • Wide, High-Speed Voltage Range: -2V to +6V
  • Low-Leakage Mode: 10nA Maximum
  • Integrated Termination-on-the-Fly (3rd-Level Drive)
  • Programmable Cable-Loss Compensation (Drive and Receive)
  • 20mA Active Load
  • Digital Slew-Rate Control
  • Integrated Voltage Clamps
  • Integrated Level Setters
  • Adjustable Output Resistance
  • Adjustable Comparator Hysteresis
  • Very Low Timing Dispersion
  • Serial-Control Interface
  • Minimal External Component Count


  • Memory Testers
  • SOC Testers

MAX19000EVKIT: Evaluation Kit for the MAX19000

Technical Documents

App Note 5141 An Improved and Simple Cable Simulation Model

Quality and Environmental Data

Request Reliability Report for: MAX19000 
Lead-Free Package Tin (Sn) Whisker Reports

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