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Lookup Lead-Free/RoHS Products and Content Data

The entries below match your search criteria. Click any link below to view chemical content data for that entry. Lead-free parts are identified by a "Plus" (+) symbol in the suffix of the part number. Part numbers with the "Pound" (#) symbol indicate an RoHS-compliant part which has an exemption for lead.
 Pb-Free/RoHS Compliant = Lead-Free Qualified / RoHS Compliant Package
 RoHS Qualified = RoHS Qualified Package
Inquiries regarding availability dates for parts not identified as being lead free must be submitted to the respective Dallas Semiconductor or Maxim customer service representative or outside sales contact.


Part Number Package Qualification
DS620U uSOP    
DS620U+ uMAX  Pb-Free/RoHS Compliant
DS620U+T&R uMAX  Pb-Free/RoHS Compliant
DS620U/T&R uSOP    
Maxim uses multiple assembly locations to meet our customer's demand and to manage risk. The material contents reported is a representative sample of one of our qualified assembly manufacturers. All Maxim assembly manufacturers meet the requirements of banned and restricted substances (see specification 10-0131).