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Press Release

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SUNNYVALE, CA-June 30, 2001-Maxim Integrated introduces the MAX4380–MAX4384. These single/dual/triple/quad, low-power, single-supply, high-speed op amps are available in ultra-small SC70, µMAX, and TSSOP packages. The combination of Rail-to-Rail® outputs, low-power operation, wide bandwith, and high-impedance disable mode in ultra-small packages makes these op amps ideal for a variety of multiplexing applications for the consumer video market, including set-top boxes and surveillance video systems.

The MAX4380–MAX4384 operate from a single +4.5V to +11V supply or from dual ±2.25V to ±5.5V supplies. They require only 5.5mA quiescent supply current while achieving a 210MHz -3dB bandwith and a 485V/µs slew rate. Their input common-mode range extends beyond the negative power supply (ground in single-supply applications) and their outputs swing rail-to-rail, making them ideal for high-gain applications. A large signal (2Vp-p) 0.1dB gain flatness to 40MHz, low differential gain/phase of 0.02%/0.08°, and a spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR) of -65dBc at 5MHz make these devices ideal for both standard and high-definition video applications.

The MAX4380 single amplifier with disable is offered in the ultra-small 6-pin SC70 package. The MAX4381 dual amplifier with disable is offered in a tiny 10-pin µMAX package. The MAX4382 triple amplifier with disable is offered in 14-pin TSSOP, SO, and 16-pin QSOP packages. The MAX4383 quad amplifier is offered in 14-pin TSSOP or SO and 16-pin QSOP or SO packages, while the MAX4384 quad amplifier with disable is offered in a space-saving 20-pin TSSOP package. Prices start at $0.45 per amp (1000-up, FOB USA).

Additional information: MAX4380, MAX4381, MAX4382, MAX4383, MAX4384