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2015-05-27Gamma-Radiation-Resistant Memory Provides Calibration; Monitors, Limits Reuse of Medical Disposables
2015-05-19Accelerate Wearables Development with Industry's First Reference Design for Galvanic Skin Response
2015-05-11High-Side Switch Boosts Throughput and Channel Density; Reduces Dissipation and Footprint
2015-04-13Evaluate Industrial Sensors Faster with First Quad IO-Link® Master Reference Design
2015-03-25Highly Integrated IO-Link® Temperature Sensor Is More Flexible, Robust, and Lower Cost Than Any Discrete Alternative
2015-02-23Maxim Integrated Demonstrates Highly Integrated Analog Solutions at Embedded World 2015
2014-12-17New White Paper: Highly Integrated Micro PLC Enables Factory of the Future
2014-12-17White Paper Analyzes Infotainment Power Demands for Automotive Radio Head Units
2014-11-05New and Innovative Solutions for Industrial and Medical Markets to Be Showcased at electronica 2014
2014-11-04Secure NFC/RFID Tag Authenticator with Energy Harvesting Protects Sensitive Data Transfer Between Master and Slave Devices
2014-10-29Best-in-Class Metrology Platform Cuts Design Time for Utilities Worldwide
2014-10-06Monitor Water and Heat Flow with 10x Better Accuracy and Ultra-Low-Power Performance
2014-10-01Low-Power Microcontroller Provides Superior Precision and the Highest Level of Security for Wellness Metric Measurements
2014-10-01Dramatically Reduce Time to Market and R&D Costs with Mobile POS Reference Platform
2014-09-30Produce High Accuracy Analog Output with Ultra-Low Power Consumption
2014-09-30Micro PLC Platform Puts the Power of Industry 4.0 in the Palm of Your Hand
2014-09-22Develop Designs Faster with the Unique Pmod™ Adapter for Arduino® Platforms
2014-09-08Leverage Proven Analog I/O Designs for FPGAs and Get to Market Faster with High-Precision and High-Speed Data Acquisition System
2014-08-18Trim Design Space and Upgrade Industrial Efficiency with Two IO-Link Reference Designs for Proximity Sensing and Enhanced Distributed Control
2014-06-17Replace 20 Discrete Chips with One Configurable Data Converter
2014-05-14Monitor and Gather Smart Electricity Distribution Data Faster and More Accurately with Real-Time Measurements
2014-05-12Generate Four Analog Outputs with 33% Fewer Components Using a High-Efficiency Reference Design
2014-04-22Save up to 91% Power and up to 50% Space with Industry's Fastest 20-Bit SAR ADC
2014-04-14Achieve High Energy-Measurement Accuracy with Highly Integrated Single-Phase Metering SoC
2014-04-09Reduce Cost and Weight of Cabling in Automotive Infotainment Applications with Serializer/Deserializer (SerDes) Chipsets
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