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Visit a Maxim Location in the United States, Midwest

United States
Champaign, Illinois Westfield, Indiana
Brighton, Michigan


100 Trade Centre Drive, Suite 302
Champaign, IL 61820
United States
Phone: +1 (217) 239-0028
Fax: +1 (217) 239-0402
Our design office in Champaign was started in September 2000 by our design director, who reminds us how challenging and exciting our work is every day. Now we have four engineers here and we focus on IC design and characterization for radio frequency (RF) and wireless products.
Although we are a small team, we have contributed significantly to company's sales in the wireless communications market. We have patented some of our designs and are proud to see those designs integrated into products that reach customers' hands. That is successful innovation indeed.


16848 Southpark Drive, Suite #500
Westfield, IN 46074
United States
Phone: +1 (317) 399-2727
Fax: +1 (317) 399-2726
We established our Westfield design center in January 2006. We number less than 10, and most of us are senior design and test engineers and an applications specialist. A senior member of our technical staff believes that our high level of expertise is one of the defining attributes of our team. "Everyone here has at least 20 years of industry experience." He also describes our culture as "laid back and casual, but hard working with typical Midwestern values."
Our design and test development focus is on power management in consumer, industrial, and automotive applications. Some end products for our designs are lighting, radio power supplies, engine controllers, instrument clusters, telecom and networking power supplies, and much more. Our office has a fully-equipped lab, including two IC test platforms—everything we need. We have room to accommodate more design engineers and are always looking for a creative person with solid experience.
Our Westfield office is located about 20 miles outside of Indianapolis in an industrial park in a rapidly growing suburb on the north side of town. The Indianapolis 500 race track and museum, the NCAA® headquarters, Indiana Pacers® basketball, and Colts football all attract travelers and Indiana locals alike.


10511 Citation Drive, Ste. 200
Brighton, MI 48116
United States
Phone: +1 888-Maxim-IC (888-629-4642)
Fax: +1 810-225-7061
Our sales and design teams located in Brighton have a strong and committed focus on all things automotive. Our team consists of industry veterans with a diverse and extensive automotive background. We focus on the future of both Maxim and the automobile, in the following areas: product definition, strategic applications, sales, field applications, and field quality. We specialize on digital video in cars, hydroelectric vehicle battery management (we're talking hybrid cars here!), energy efficiency to make cars more "green," and very innovative chips that enable automobiles to have one global receiver for all automotive radio receivers.
Our location accommodates office and conference room space for more than a dozen employees. Working space in an engineering lab includes five electrical engineering stations. A senior account executive here describes our community as "collaborative and supportive." We all work together as "One Maxim" to expand our already impressive automotive portfolio and enable continued revenue growth in this key and growing market segment.
Our sales team is constantly collaborating with Maxim headquarters in San Jose, California, and this sharing of information helps ensure that we provide the best service to customers. Our company values guide us to "Reach Higher" every day, so we also work on a global "footprint." To support colleagues and automotive customers face to face, we travel around the states and internationally, jet-setting to sites in Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Korea, and China. Our key customers are leaders in infotainment modules and other automotive designs, so they are very important to us. It's no wonder that we want to "Be the Difference" for them.