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Visit a Maxim Location in China

Beijing Hong Kong
Shanghai Shenzhen

Beijing, China

Haidian District
No168 Xiwai Street
Room 1208, Floor 12, Tengda Plaza
Beijing, 100044
Phone: +86-10-6211-5199
Fax: +86-10-6211-5299
In 1997 we set up our first sales office in China, here in Beijing. We are especially proud because Maxim was among the very first Western electronics companies to do business directly with our Chinese customers. Our 17 employees have different sales roles. We are sales representatives, technical applications engineers serving customers in the field, inside customer-support engineers, localized marketing and communications experts, and fulfillment center members who take charge of all free samples for China.
We conduct much of our business with local customers, so our office location in the city center is especially convenient. "Big cities, not just Beijing, are filled with a great amount of information, opportunities, and also challenges," says one of our marketing specialists. We are glad to be so close to all the activity.
Our office is located in southeast corner of Baishixinqiao, in a core business area among Zhongguancun, Financial Street, and Sanlihe administrative offices. It is an area of profound cultural history with a rich sense of the humanities. We are surrounded by famous universities, hotels, and many sources of entertainment.

Hong Kong, China

Star House
Unit #811A, 8 Floor
No. 3 Salisbury Road
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Phone: +852 2730 9681
Fax: +852 2730 9677
We moved our Hong Kong sales office to Tsim Sha Tsui in December of 2008 so we can better support our microcontroller customers. There are only six of us here and we work with highly confidential materials.
Our work is exciting and there is something new from customers almost every day. We focus particularly on electronic security and electronic payment issues. Our Executive Business Manager says that we have, "a very unique expertise in microcontrollers and securities, and a deep knowledge of the Asian marketplace for semiconductors."
We are totally focused on sales and technical customer support, and much of our time is spent collaborating with our sales offices in Shenzhen and Shanghai. Sometimes other projects require us to partner with colleagues in our Beijing and Bangalore offices. We also oversee sales distribution and handle product quality assurance (QA) so we know that customers are always satisfied.

Shanghai, China

Rooms 205 and 201, F1-A Building,
No 50 Boxia Road, Phase III of Pudong Software Park,
Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park
Shanghai 201203
Sales phone: +86-21-68765001
Sales fax: +86-21-58200188
We founded our Shanghai office in 2003 and were immediately operating as a sales office and design center. From the beginning, we also have had accounting, finance, and general business administration for the region here. We moved our whole operation to Pudgong Software Park in 2007. Our new location is only a 10-minute walk from the metro station and close to both the Hongqiao and the Pudong International Airports. We constantly interact with other Maxim offices in China for business travel, conference calls, and much more, so having good transportation so close is a big help.
We have several design engineers here who specialize in different, challenging applications. Most of our design and testing happens in our very busy application lab. Some engineers work on power solutions and an applications manager focuses on human interface designs. Others of us are experts in the new integrated mobility and audio circuits and in power-management ICs. We also have a team dedicated to signal processing and conversion.
Our office also serves as the sales headquarters for the region and we have made every effort to develop all of our business throughout China. We also focus on fun too, and constantly organize competitions of badminton and ping-pong, as well as climbing excursions.
Shanghai is the largest populated city in China with heavy influence in commerce, finance, media, fashion, technology, and transportation. Shanghai hosts the world's top five power-meter manufacturers, the top three power-grid makers, and the top two security video makers, plus, of course, hundreds of other industrial-control companies. We consider ourselves lucky to be in an area full of powerful industrial companies because this environment encourages collaboration and competition. Our office manager says that because Shanghai is known for its many people and diverse cultures, "all of those differences hold us together as One Maxim, and we get results to Reach Higher." This is really living and practicing Maxim values every day!

Shenzhen, China

Unit A&D, 24/F, A Block
Hong Long Century Plaza, Luohu District
3001 Heping Road
Shenzhen, Guangdong
China 518001
Phone: +86 755 8296 8060
Fax: +86 755 8296 8080
We opened our sales office in Shenzhen in 2005 and moved to a nicer, newer, and bigger location in 2011. Now we have more space to accommodate our team of 30 employees.
Our sales account executives and technical field engineers form close teams dedicated to helping our customers. We actually partner with customers. We identify circuits that best meet their product needs and we research design options, even solve their design challenges. Our customer support staff and office administration are collaborators and in-house champions for customers. We oversee every customer order personally and ensure that the customer receives their ICs as quickly as possible. Some of us are application engineers and experts in particular technologies and products. We are collaborators too, the ones who help customers look to future generations of products and even guide them toward their new inventions.
Our sales director says that employee relations are based on collaboration and respect, noting that people in our workplace, "try their best to make a difference" every day. We thrive on success as a team and are recognized for maintaining long-standing, meaningful relationships with our customers. And we also socialize together outside the office. We organize regular badminton, football, and basketball activities and host a summer picnic and holiday party every year.
Our office is in a skyscraper with convenient office buildings, restaurants, department stores, and hotels around us. The metro and public bus stations are only a 5-minute walk away and connect us with customers and friends in the greater Shenzhen city center.