Tunç Doluca

President and Chief Executive Officer

Tunç Doluca became President and CEO at Maxim Integrated in January 2007. He joined Maxim in 1984 as a Member of Technical Staff.

Tunç was named the Company's Vice President of R&D in 1993. In 1994 he became the leader of the Company's first vertical business unit for portable power-management products. In the early 2000s his responsibilities expanded to manage up to seven business units and he was promoted to Group President in 2005.

While at Maxim, Tunç personally designed over 40 products and holds 11 patents. These products ranged from high-speed data converters in his early years at Maxim to breakthrough power-management products later in his design career. Tunç designed the industry's first high-integration, notebook power-supply IC (the MAX786), and was still designing ICs until 1996. Aided by his educational background in device physics, he guided several process technologies from concept to production. These proprietary, high-performance BiCMOS technology platforms became the workhorse for many product lines.

Tunç has guided Maxim to new revenue records. During his tenure as CEO, Maxim organized product development around end-markets and improved business unit collaboration. The time-to-market for new products was shortened and the Company delivered more R&D output in the form of new products. Under his leadership, Maxim completed six strategic acquisitions. Maxim also advanced its customer partnerships and embraced an aggressive distribution strategy to better service small and midsized companies. Manufacturing was improved by shortening cycle time, achieving higher yields, and successfully executing the Company's transition to a flexible production model. In 2010 the Company introduced 300mm analog/mixed-signal wafer production.

Tunç serves on the board of directors of the Semiconductor Industry Association. Born in Ankara, Turkey, he holds a BSEE degree from Iowa State University and an MSEE degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara.