SPICE Models

SPICE simulation tools allow design engineers to validate circuits prior to building the circuits and to quickly test a circuit's likely behavior under a variety of conditions that can easily be modified. Maxim provides hundreds of SPICE models, grouped below by product line, for our products.

SPICE Simulators

A broad array of SPICE simulators are available on the market. We understand that many engineers have strong preferences about which simulator they use. Maxim wants you to use the simulator of your choice. However, in case you do not have a favorite SPICE simulator, we have provided links to some popular ones.
  • Ngspice Free, open source mixed-mode, mixed-level simulator
  • SPICE 3F5 Available at no cost from the University of California at Berkeley
  • SIMetrix Free (node-limited) mixed-mode simulator offering enhanced SPICE, schematic editing and waveform viewing
  • PSpice® Popular OrCAD® simulator (now owned by Cadence®) with a free, limited capabilities demo version
  • TopSpice Low-cost tool that includes schematic capture, waveform analysis, and PSpice and HSPICE® compatibility
  • TINA® Tool suite from DesignSoft that includes a SPICE simulator and can be run in the "cloud"
  • B2 Spice Low-cost, mixed-mode simulator from Beige Bag Software Inc., a division of EMAG Technologies Inc.

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