Octal Ultrasound Transceiver with Integrated AFE, Pulser, T/R Switch, and Coupling Capacitors

Industry's Only Ultrasound Transceiver Saves 40% Power and Increases Reliability by Replacing Thousands of Discrete Components
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MAX2082 Active: In Production.


The MAX2082 is the industry's first fully integrated octal ultrasound transceiver. The device is optimized for high channel count, high-performance portable and cart-based ultrasound systems. The easy-to-use transceiver allows the user to achieve "high end" 2D and Doppler imaging capability using substantially less space and power.

The transceiver transmitters are high-performance 3-level 2A pulsers capable of generating high voltage pulses up to ±105V. All eight channels have overvoltage-embedded protection diodes and integrated active return-to-zero clamps. The transmitters also feature embedded floating power supplies (FPSs) to eliminate the need for bulky external pulser driver coupling capacitors. The highly compact receiver with T/R switch; LNA; input coupling and feedback caps; and VGA, AAF, ADC, and digital HPF achieves an ultra-low 2.8dB noise figure at RS = RIN = 200Ω at a very low 135mW per channel power dissipation at 50Msps. The receive channel has been optimized for second harmonic imaging with -70dBFS second harmonic distortion performance at fIN = 5MHz over the full TGC range. Dynamic range has also been optimized for exceptional pulsed and color flow Doppler performance under high-clutter conditions. The full receive channel exhibits an exceptional 75.7dBFS SNR at 5MHz with a 2MHz bandwidth. The bipolar front-end and CMOS ADC have also been optimized for an exceptionally low near-carrier modulation noise of 137dBc/Hz at 1kHz offset from a 5MHz tone for excellent low-velocity Doppler sensitivity.

The MAX2082 also includes an octal CWD beamformer for a full Doppler solution. Separate mixers for each channel are made available for optimal CWD sensitivity yielding an impressive 151dBc/Hz dynamic range per channel at 1kHz offset from a 1.25MHz carrier.

The MAX2082 octal ultrasound front-end is available in a small 10mm x 26mm BGA package and specified over the 0°C to +70°C temperature range.

Data Sheet

Key Features

  • Eight Full Channels of HV Pulser; T/R Switch; LNA Input and Feedback Coupling Caps; LNA, VGA, AAF, and CWD Mixers; 12-Bit ADC; and Digital HPF in a Small 10mm X 23mm BGA Package
  • High-Voltage 3-Level Pulsers (up to ±105V) with Active Return-to-Zero and Floating Power Supply Drivers for Reduced External Components
  • Programmable Pulser Current Capability from 0.5A to 2A for Reduced Power Consumption in Lower Voltage Transmit Modes Like CWD
  • Extremely Fast Propagation Delay Pulsers (20ns) with Excellent Rise and Fall Matching for Excellent THD2 Performance (-45dBc at 5MHz) and Excellent Phase Noise (-155dBc/Hz at 1kHz Offset f = 1.25MHz)
  • Ultra-Low Full Channel Receiver Noise Figure of 2.8dB at RIN = RS = 200Ω
  • High Dynamic Range Receiver with 75.7dBFS SNR at fIN = 5MHz and 2MHz Bandwidth
  • Ultra-Low Power (134mW per Channel) Receiver (Includes T/R Switch, LNA, VGA, AAF, and ADC) Normal Imaging Mode at 50Msps)


  • Ultrasound Imaging

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New Product Press Release   2013-09-25 ]

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