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73S8014BN Demo Board

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The Teridian Semiconductor Corporation (TSC) 73S8014BN demo board is a platform for evaluating the Teridian 73S8014BN smart card interface IC. It incorporates the 73S8014BN integrated circuit, and it has been designed to operate either as a stand-alone platform (to be used in conjunction with an external microcontroller) or as a daughter card to be used in conjunction with the 73S12xxF evaluation platform. The 73S8014BN uses the active-low CMDVCC and 5V/active-low 3V control signals to generate VCC (smart card supply voltage) at 1.8V, 3V, or 5V. The 73S8014BN uses a single multilevel clock-divider signal, CLKDIV, to select between a divide by 1, 2, 4, and 8 for the smart card CLK output. The demo board uses a resistor divider on two pins to generate the multilevel signal for the clock divider. Refer to the 73S8014BN IC data sheet for details.

The board has been designed to comply with the NDS specification.

Data Sheet

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Key Features

Demo Board Includes:
  • 73S8014BN Demo Board
  • 73S8014BN Demo Board User Manual
  • 73S8014BN IC Data Sheet


  • General-Purpose Smart Card Readers
  • Pay-per-View
  • Set-Top Box Conditional Access Applications

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