Evaluation Kit for the DS34T101, DS34T102, DS34T104, DS34T108, DS34S101, DS34S102, DS34S104, and DS34S108

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The DS34T108DK is an easy-to-use evaluation kit for the DS34T108 octal TDM-over-Packet IC and for the DS34T101, T102, T104, S101, S102, S104, and S108 TDMoP ICs. This demo kit is a stand-alone system with TDMoP chip, local oscillator, local control processor, memory, E1/T1 LIUs and framers, power supply, and user interface software all included in a 1 RU enclosure. The demo kit is controlled over an RS-232 serial link from an external ASCII terminal (typically using terminal emulation software running on a PC). The ASCII user interface is menu driven and hierarchical for ease of use. The behavior and performance of the TDMoP IC can be evaluated with a single demo kit where the Ethernet signal is looped back to the kit or with two demo kits configured as separate end points.

Data Sheet

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Key Features

  • Complete System: Motherboard and Daughter Card in a Convenient 1 RU Enclosure
  • Menu-Driven ASCII Text User Interface Software
  • TDMoP IC, Local Oscillator and IC Configuration Jumpers on Daughter Card
  • System Processor, Memory, Ethernet PHYs, I/O Jacks, and Optional E1/T1 LIUs and Framers on Motherboard
  • Built-In AC Power-Supply Module
  • Land Patterns on Daughter Card for Several Common TCXO and OCXO Package Styles Plus Connector to Use a Lab Reference
  • 9-Pin Serial Jack to Connect an ASCII Terminal for Configuration and Status
  • System TCP/IP Stack for Configuration and Status Over IP/Ethernet
  • One RJ-45 Ethernet Jack for Connection to the Ethernet Network
  • One RJ-45 Jack for Each E1/T1 Port
  • RJ-45 External Clock Input Jack
  • BNC Common Clock Input Jack
  • SPI™, 16-Bit, or 32-Bit Interface to TDMoP IC
  • Full JTAG Boundary Scan Support Throughout


  • TDM Circuit Extension Over PSN
  • Leased-Line Services Over PSN
  • TDM Over G/E-PON
  • TDM Over Cable
  • TDM Over WiMAX
  • Cellular Backhaul Over PSN
  • Multiservice Over Unified PSN
  • HDLC-Based Traffic Transport Over PSN


DS34T108DK Evaluation Kit

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