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MAX3160, MAX3161, MAX3162

+3.0V to +5.5V, 1µA, RS-232/RS-485/422 Multiprotocol Transceivers

Industry's-First +3V, 1µA Multiprotocol Interface Solution
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The MAX3160/MAX3161/MAX3162 are programmable RS-232/RS-485/422 multiprotocol transceivers. The MAX3160/MAX3161 are pin programmable as a 2TX/2RX RS-232 interface or a single RS-485/422 transceiver. The MAX3162 is configured as a 2TX/2RX RS-232 interface and a single RS-485/422 transceiver simultaneously.

All devices incorporate a proprietary low-dropout transmitter output stage and an on-board dual charge pump to allow RS-232 and RS-485/422 compliant performance from a +3V to +5.5V supply. The receivers feature true fail-safe circuitry that guarantees a logic-high receiver output when the receiver inputs are open or shorted. These devices also feature pin-selectable transmitter slew rates for both RS-232 and RS-485/422 modes. Slew-rate limiting minimizes EMI and reduces reflections caused by improperly terminated cables, allowing error-free data transmission up to 250kbps. Disabling slew-rate limiting allows these devices to transmit at data rates up to 10Mbps in RS-485/422 mode and up to 1Mbps in RS-232 mode. The MAX3160/MAX3161/MAX3162 feature a 1µA shutdown mode, and short-circuit limiting and thermal shutdown circuitry to protect against excessive power dissipation.

The MAX3160/MAX3162 offer a flow-through pinout that facilitates board layout. The MAX3160/MAX3161/MAX3162 are available in tiny SSOP packages and operate over the commercial and extended temperature ranges.

Data Sheet

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An evaluation board is available: MAX3162EVKIT

Key Features

  • Single-Supply Operation from +3V to +5.5V
  • Pin-Programmable as 2TX/2RX RS-232 or Single RS-485/422 (MAX3160/MAX3161)
  • 2TX/2RX RS-232 and Single RS-485/422 (MAX3162)
  • Pin-Programmable RS-232/RS-485 Transmitter Slew Rates Reduce EMI
  • 10Mbps RS-485 and 1Mbps RS-232 Data Rates
  • Pin-Programmable Half-Duplex or Full-Duplex RS-485/422 Operation (MAX3160/MAX3161)
  • RS-485/422 True Fail-Safe Receivers
  • Transmitters and Receivers Protected Against Wiring Faults
  • 1µA Shutdown Supply Current
  • 1/8-Unit Load Allows up to 256 Transceivers on the Bus


  • Industrial Controls
  • Networking
  • Peripherals
  • Point-of-Sale Equipment
  • RS-232 to RS-485 Interface Converters

Key Specifications:

Multiprotocol Transceivers
Part Number Functions RS-232 Data Rate
RS-485 Data Rate
Single Ended Tx/Rx Diff. Tx/Rx Shutdn Supported Protocols Rx Glitch Rejection Tx Fault Protect. On Chip Charge Pump ICC
max max max See Notes
MAX3160  Multiprotocol Transceiver RS-232/RS-485/RS-422 1 10 2/2 2/2 Yes
No Yes Yes 5.5 1 $7.95 @1k
MAX3161  Multiprotocol Transceiver RS-232/RS-485/RS-423 5.5 $7.95 @1k
MAX3162  Multiprotocol Transceiver RS-232/RS-485/RS-424 6 $8.24 @1k
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Pricing Notes:

This pricing is BUDGETARY, for comparing similar parts. Prices are in U.S. dollars and subject to change. Quantity pricing may vary substantially and international prices may differ due to local duties, taxes, fees, and exchange rates. For volume-specific and version-specific prices and delivery, please see the price and availability page or contact an authorized distributor.


MAX3160, MAX3161, MAX3162: Typical Operating Circuit
Typical Operating Circuit

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