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MAX7401, MAX7405

8th-Order, Lowpass, Bessel, Switched-Capacitor Filters

Smallest, Lowest-Power 8th-Order Bessel Filters
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Create a design and simulate using EE-Sim: [MAX7401][MAX7405]

The MAX7401/MAX7405 8th-order, lowpass, Bessel, switched-capacitor filters (SCFs) operate from a single +5V (MAX7401) or +3V (MAX7405) supply. These devices draw only 2mA of supply current and allow corner frequencies from 1Hz to 5kHz, making them ideal for low-power post-DAC filtering and anti-aliasing applications. They feature a shutdown mode that reduces supply current to 0.2µA.

Two clocking options are available on these devices: self-clocking (through the use of an external capacitor) or external clocking for tighter corner-frequency control. An offset adjust pin allows for adjustment of the DC output level.

The MAX7401/MAX7405 Bessel filters provide low overshoot and fast settling. Their fixed response simplifies the design task to selecting a clock frequency.

Data Sheet

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Key Features

  • 8th-Order, Lowpass Bessel Filters
  • Low Noise and Distortion: -82dB THD + Noise
  • Clock-Tunable Corner Frequency (1Hz to 5kHz)
  • 100:1 Clock-to-Corner Ratio
  • Single-Supply Operation
    • +5V (MAX7401)
    • +3V (MAX7405)
  • Low Power
    • 2mA (Operating Mode)
    • 0.2µA (Shutdown Mode)
  • Available in 8-Pin SO/DIP Packages
  • Low Output Offset: ±5mV


  • ADC Anti-Aliasing
  • Air-Bag Electronics
  • CT2 Base Stations
  • Post-DAC Filtering
  • Speech Processing

Key Specifications:

Active Filters
Part Number Filter Sections Order Per Filter Section Filter Class Filter Type Filter Characteristic Program Method Lowest Cutoff
Highest Cutoff
Design Tools Oper. Temp.
max min See Notes
MAX7401  1 8 Switched Cap Lowpass Bessel Clock 1 5 5 EE-Sim
-40 to +85
0 to +70
$2.84 @1k
MAX7405  3 $2.76 @1k
See All Active Filters (50)

Pricing Notes:

This pricing is BUDGETARY, for comparing similar parts. Prices are in U.S. dollars and subject to change. Quantity pricing may vary substantially and international prices may differ due to local duties, taxes, fees, and exchange rates. For volume-specific and version-specific prices and delivery, please see the price and availability page or contact an authorized distributor.


MAX7401, MAX7405: Typical Operating Circuit
Typical Operating Circuit

Notes and Comments

Single 8th order, Bessel, switched-capacitor filter. 5kHz maximum F (c)

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