Partnerships with Suppliers

Our suppliers are our partners. Our face to our customers. Our representatives in the wider world. Their interactions with our customers are instrumental to our success. We expect our partners to be as dedicated to the values of corporate responsibility as we are. No less.


Maxim requires its partners to:

Interested in Partnering with Maxim?

For suppliers interested in entering into a partnership with Maxim, please review the following forms and applicable terms and conditions.

Be the Change in the Supply Chain

We recognize the force for positive change that we can be in the world. That all of us can be. As a leader in the electronics industry, we have a particular opportunity and responsibility to influence change by playing a role in the eradication of slavery, human trafficking, and human rights atrocities. We insist that the materials used throughout our supply chain are acquired in an ethical and responsible manner. Our partners must share in this vision.
See the following policy statements for our stances on these issues.

Be Our Eyes and Ears

Maxim has a zero-tolerance policy for ethical, legal, or regulatory violations. Often our suppliers can see and hear things that we cannot. Because of that, we encourage our partners to report in good faith any issues or concerns they might encounter involving Maxim or Maxim employees. Such behaviors may include improper or unethical business practices such as fraud or bribery.
Our partners can report concerns either directly through our Compliance Officer or anonymously through a third-party hotline:
  • Contact our Compliance Officer by phone at +1 (408) 601-5866, or by email at 
  • Anonymously contact our third-party ethics hotline and website