High-Efficiency, Low Cost Flyback Converter Uses No Optocoupler Feedback

Mar 24, 2011

Abstract: This reference design is for a highly efficient, flyback, 12V, Class 3 powered device (PD). The design features the MAX5969B as its controller. The design also uses the MAX5974A, which controls current-mode PWM converters and provides frequency foldback for PoE applications. Using these devices, this reference design is IEEE® 802.3af/at compliant and is a high-performance, compact, and cost efficient solution for a Class 3 PD. The design can also be customized to 12V/2A Class 4 PD.

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Download, PDF FormatREFERENCE SCHEMATIC 4984: High-Efficiency, Low Cost Flyback Converter Uses No Optocoupler Feedback (PDF, 1009kB)

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APP 4984: Mar 24, 2011
REFERENCE SCHEMATIC 4984, AN4984, AN 4984, APP4984, Appnote4984, Appnote 4984